Traveling with a Dog: Everything best you need to Know


Traveling with a Dog

Traveling With a dog can certainly be done easily after you have trained them.

Poodles love to go with you on trips.

They are naturally curious and make fantastic travel companions. T

hey just enjoy going along for the ride!

Poodles like to be included in everything you do. There is no reason why you can’t take your poodle when you travel next time.

They do not like having to stay behind in a kennel while the family goes off on vacation.

Many poodle owners used to feel guilty leaving their poodles in the kennel when they took off on their vacation.

They missed their poodle on the vacation and their poodle most certainly missed them.

If you are traveling with a dog by car, you should have exposed your poodle to short car rides beforehand.

It would not be fair to take him on a long trip without first getting him used to riding in a car and making sure he doesn’t get overanxious, or car sick while riding.

Plan to stop and take a break at least every two hours to give your poodle a break.

Stop the car and let your poodle out for some fresh air and water as well as to relieve him/herself when traveling with a dog.

He will enjoy taking a break and will reward you warmly for taking good care of him while traveling with a dog.

While driving do not drive in a car that is too warm as cooler temperatures are more suitable for your poodle.

Also, make certain you do not open the windows and create a strong draft as drafts are unhealthy for poodles.

You will need to plan your travel with your poodle by preparing a list of what you need to do and what you need to take with you.

Then save the list so that you can have it handy next time you are traveling with a dog on your next vacation – with any suitable corrections you found that you needed to make after your last trip!

Decide where you will be going and then check out hotels to be sure they accept dogs.

You will be surprised to learn that quite a few hotel chains are now accepting dogs!

I used to work with hotel and motel housekeeping departments and many times the maids told me of going to a room, cleaning it and making up the beds, and being met by very well-behaved little dogs.

It is better not to let your poodle stay alone in the hotel room when traveling with a dog but if you have to go out, and leave him alone, then put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door for the few minutes you will be gone.

This will indicate to the hotel staff that the room is indeed occupied.

The maid will not have to take a room check which means opening the door to see if the room is occupied because the “Do Not Disturb” sign will indicate to the maid that the room is occupied.

Hotels have their maids take a room check first thing in the morning as well as just before leaving their shifts.

Make sure you have your name, phone number, email address, and your poodle’s name on his identification tag, which should be securely fastened to his collar.

In case your poodle gets lost you can be contacted to retrieve him.

Before making the trip pay a visit to the vet and get your poodle’s shots up to date as you wouldn’t want him to pick up something while on vacation and get sick which would ruin both your vacations.

Tell the vet where you will be going so that he can provide any additional shots that your poodle may need for that area.

If you are going traveling with a dog out of the United States you may even need a recent health certificate for your poodle.

When traveling with a dog take a first aid kit for your poodle so that you are prepared in case he needs some additional attention while on the trip.

Your vet can help you put together a nice small emergency first aid kit before you leave.

You may wish to consider purchasing a dog harness when traveling with a dog to be used in the car for your poodle’s safety.

A harness gives extra protection and your poodle will not be able to “slip” out of it.

Some hotels will even require that your dog travels with a harness instead of just a collar while on their property.

Before you go on vacation, if you have not already done so, you might want to be sure your dog is a little trained.

With your poodle little trained you will always have the bathroom facility available for your poodle.

With the litter box available, your poodle won’t feel nervous about having to relieve himself in a strange location.

Also, with your poodle little trained, you won’t have to worry that your poodle will damage the carpet in your hotel room.

Don’t worry if your poodle has not been little trained and is now a mature dog.

Take your poodle’s little box with you as you will need it when staying in hotels.

The little box will remind your poodle that his litter box is handy whenever he wants to use it.

When traveling with a dog take all the items that your poodle will need for the trip.

These will include food, bottled water as you do not want him to get sick on water that he is not familiar with, medications, leash, snacks, kibbles, a few toys, dog dishes, plastic bags, and booties if you are visiting a cold location.

Towels to dry his feet, brush to comb him, scissors in case you need to give him a trim at the rough edges, etc.

Don’t leave your poodle in a locked car as on a hot day the car would be too hot for him to stay in.

A locked car can easily reach 150 degrees inside in a manner an hour or two in the hot sun.

Even on a winter day, the sun can heat a car up to an uncomfortably high temperature!

I hope these tips will help you when you are considering traveling with a dog. Most of these items are common sense type stuff but when we are hurrying to get ready for a vacation we sometimes overlook the simplest of things.

When was the last time you went on vacation and found you forgot your favorite pair of shoes are your belt for your pants?

It happens to all of us if we don’t plan ahead a little bit!


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