Poodle Training: Everything best you need to Know


Poodle Training

Dog training for your poodle, just like all other dogs, is very important.

Without the proper training, you will not be fully able to enjoy him/her.

Training your dog covers a lot of different areas.

From basic house training or potty training to doing simple tricks like sitting, teaching them to “Stay” and even more complicated tricks.

Dog training should begin with teaching your dog to learn his/her own name.

If you get a poodle puppy, choose a short name to refer to him/her by.

Even though your poodle may be a purebred with a name like “Sir Francis Scot of Weatherby” you need to refer to him/her by a simple name – fran or Francis!

Use their name when you call your pet when you feed him/her and groom them so that they learn that is their name and belongs to him.

This will greatly simplify all other training exercises and greatly enhance your dog’s understanding.

When your poodle is around six months old, he can begin poodle training on how to heel, sit and stay.

When he does the right thing you MUST offer generous praise which will reinforce positive behavior.

After 6 to 9 months of age, you can enroll them in obedience courses if you desire. Many owners like to try, at least at first, to train their own dogs as it builds for an overall better relationship.

Check out the dog training and obedience schools in your area to find out what courses they provide.

Many schools will not accept dogs until they are over 6 months old and some make you wait until your dog is a year old.

After basic obedience, you can even enroll them in some advanced obedience courses.

Poodle training some tricks

You may wish to teach your poodle to do some tricks.

Your efforts in teaching them how to do tricks will be well rewarded. Overall, your pet will be happier and will happily perform for you and your guests at a moment’s notice.

Dogs love to make you happy and show off when they know they will get a lot of praise!

Of all types of dogs, poodles are the most flexible and capable of learning to do tricks.

Poodles are highly adaptable and have been used in circuses to perform tricks for attendees.

Over the years poodles have performed tricks for kings and nobility and their invited guests to the great enjoyment, and amazement, of all the observers.

When your poodle is a few weeks old he should be introduced to the sound of electric clippers because the clippers will soon be used to cut his hair.

This is a very vital part of poodle training so he will not be scared of them.

There are a number of good books available on dog training and poodle training.

I have included several ebooks on this website which have received very high reviews along with the best places to buy them. To learn more please refer to the Resources page.

The first key to proper dog training is to show your poodle that you are the master. They MUST understand you are the Alpha male of your house or they will not respond to you in a positive manner.

You need to set boundaries while training your poodle.

You must take control.

Be firm, but be loving and patient, with your poodle and he will reward you many times over.

Always, ALWAYS, heap lots of praise on them when they do as requested and correct them quickly when they don’t.

Start your dog training by housebreaking your poodle as soon as they arrive.

Be prepared for occasional accidents when housebreaking your poodle.

Often your poodle puppy will want to relieve himself after he has taken his nap or after he has eaten.

When he does what he is supposed to do, praise him for it so that he knows that was the right thing to do. For more information on housebreaking refer to Housebreaking Your Dog here on this site.

It takes time for your dog’s potty training to sink in. Be flexible and expect to work with him for about four to six weeks — until he gets right.

In addition to taking your poodle to relieve himself, good dog training dictates the need to also do litter training.

That way you will not have to rush home specifically to take your poodle to relieve himself. He can go on the litter when you are away.

Also, if you want to travel and already have your poodle litter trained, you can take him anywhere such as in hotel rooms, and not worry that he will have an accident.

Several excellent sources for litter dog training are available and some even come with a money-back guarantee.

Hundreds of dogs have been litter trained using these methods I show you more at Litter Training.

Poodle training for good habits

Teach your poodle good habits.

Don’t let him beg. I know one poodle owner who used a spray bottle which she used to squirt a little cold water on him to stop him from begging.

You need to use the same voice when dog training your poodle or any other dog. Don’t shout or frighten him.

Give him a command and when he does what you tell him to do, then praise him profusely.

Give your poodle a short dog training session by only spending 10 – 15 minutes with each “session”.

He will be quick to pick up your dog training instructions in this manner.

You need to get them a puppy collar, as soon as possible, after you bring them home.

On the collar place a tag with their name, phone number, and email address on the collar identification tag.

Put the collar on for short periods of time as you want him to get used to it.

Be sure it is properly fitted so as not to choke your puppy and check it often to be sure it doesn’t get too tight.

Poodle training grows very fast

Remember, puppies grow very fast in the first few months!

Then start taking him out for walks. You will probably meet with some resistance from your poodle at first. He may be pulling one way and you another.

He will soon learn which way to go. Praise him when he follows your instructions.

Give him short commands which must be consistent such as “sit”.

He will probably need a little nudging but that’s okay. Reward him with a tidbit treat when he gets the command right.

Don’t call him and then punish him as he may not want to come when he is called. Only use positive ways of training him and you both will be happier.

Here’s a trick you can try if your poodle chews on furniture — rub some chili powder sauce or cayenne pepper with oil on the areas.

This will be very unpleasant for him to chew on and he will learn quickly to avoid it.

Teach him good behavior and always, ALWAYS, offer encouragement to him.

He will be happy to comply and you will be a happier poodle owner!


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