Poodle Grooming: Everything best you need to know


Poodle Grooming

Poodle grooming is an important part of the Poodle’s overall health and well-being.

This is all part of maintaining your poodle and keeping them happy.

It can be as simple as a daily brushing and occasional trimming or very extensive if you are entering him in dog shows.

Dog grooming, in general, is always more extensive when you are entering them in the shows – no manner what breed we are talking about!

Poodle Hair

Because the poodle’s hair is very thick your poodle should be brushed daily.

His hair needs to be brushed otherwise his hair will mat – making him uncomfortable and look like a mutt!

Proper poodle grooming keeps your poodle looking smart and well brushed every day.

He will enjoy you brushing him and will reward you for your efforts with lots of love and appreciation.

Your poodle will just not be happy if he is not well-kept. You do not want to have your poodle with tangled hair looking like an unkempt mutt – do You?

There are all kinds of dog and/or poodle grooming brushes available.

Just be sure and get a good quality brush for your poodle and then use it daily.

Your poodle grooming and brushing only takes a few minutes and will help you bond even more with your poodle.

Start by gently brushing your poodle when they are a puppy.

You want him to get used to being brushed and this helps him to realize how important this “ritual” is.

If you are going to be doing more than brushing your poodle, you will need a pair of electric scissors to cut his hair.

When he is a few weeks old starts getting him used to the sound of clippers by turning them on – even if you don’t use them – for a few minutes at a time.

You will need to cut your poodle’s toenails starting when your poodle is a puppy.

Your poodle will soon get used to getting his toenails clipped and will easily co-operate with you when it’s time.

Good poodle grooming also entails an occasional touch-up with scissors.

Use the scissors to cut away loose hair and ragged edges and the occasional matted hair. Caution – do not cut too close to their skin as you might “nick” them with the scissors.

There are many popular poodle styles such as:

– The Continental Clip and

– The English Saddle Clip.

You will need to decide which hairstyle you want to adopt for your poodle if any.

Before bathing your poodle, you need to brush him first. Poodle grooming and bathing become much easier this way.

Otherwise, his hair may mat and you will have problems combing out the tangled and matted hair.

Poodles need baths on a regular basis.

Put your poodle puppy in warm bath water in a basin the first few times.

Don’t rub his fur when bathing him as it will probably create tangles.

Get a good quality shampoo that is designed to be used only for poodles or other long hair dogs.

As your poodle grows older use a deep sink for a toy poodle and miniature poodle and a bathtub for the standard poodle.

Place a rubber mat at the bottom so that your poodle does not slip and fall down.

Poodles are natural water dogs so they don’t mind taking a bath at all – in fact, most of them enjoy it. This part of your poodle grooming ritual can be a fun time for both of you if you use the simple tips above.

In order for your poodle to have a beautiful coat, you will need to give him a bath about every two-six weeks, depending on how much, if any, the time he spends outdoors.

Otherwise, his coat will get dirty and he will start to itch and scratch.

You need the regular base training of poodles.

Using a good quality poodle shampoo and being careful not to get any shampoo in his eyes or ears.

Then gently rinse him off thoroughly until all the shampoo has been removed as otherwise, the residual shampoo may dry his skin causing him to itch.

Blot and dry your poodle with a towel don’t rub or you’ll end up creating more tangles!

You can carefully and gently blow dry your poodle with an electric hair blower in the warm-low setting.

You don’t want your poodle to get a chill after being bathed – so it is important to dry him immediately.

After you are through and he is thoroughly dry from the bath he will look beautiful all nice and clean with a fluffy coat. Take time to enjoy your beautiful clean coat poodle. Remember, he likes company and he would appreciate a big hug as well.

Poodle grooming can be a fun time for you and your poodle if you will simply follow the suggestions we have given you above.

You and your poodle will be happier and your poodle will dearly love you for taking such good care of them!


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