Poodle Care: Everything best you need to know


Poodle Care

Proper Poodle care will make your dog happier and he will reward you with much love and affection.

So we suggest you follow the tips we have posted here. It will make your Poodle and you much happier!

Plan your poodle’s homecoming. Don’t bring him home when you have company as that would be too much excitement for him.

You want to bring him home on a quiet day.

To begin your proper poodle care be sure to pick up and put away items that might hurt him.

When you bring him home let him explore. Even though you will want to pick him up and cuddle him – resist that idea.

Do not do it unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Proper Poodle care begins with going easy and not overwhelming your new puppy.

The first night should be a low-activity night as he is new and nervous in his new environment.

Introduce with Other

Take the time to introduce him properly to any other animals that you may have. Your poodle will probably want to sniff the other animal out – let him do it.

Similarly, let your poodle become acquainted with all members of the family one at a time. This helps him feel at home and he will soon feel like part of the family.

The proper poodle care dictates that you do NOT let him sleep with you.

Instead, put him in his own special bed. If he makes a fuss, don’t run to his rescue – he will soon learn that he is to sleep in his own bed and not with you.

You have to be firm with him otherwise you will have a big, demanding baby on your hands.

There will be times when you will want to pick him up when he cries – but proper poodle care again dictates that you must learn to be firm.

He will soon learn that you are in charge and will begin to cooperate.

Snuggle Puppy

It would be well worth purchasing a snuggle puppy for your poodle.

The snuggle puppy is a wonderful lifelike stuffed puppy that even has a heartbeat and a warmer and is meant to keep your poodle company again showing your good poodle care for his well-being.

Your poodle will snuggle up to the snuggle puppy and will stop crying and whimpering.

When this happens you know the snuggle puppy has been very well received.

Poodle Bed

A poodle needs his own bed with soft bedding such as a soft blanket to sleep on.

For proper poodle care, his bed should be in a quiet corner of a room and the quiet room of the house.

It should be situated away from heavy traffic, draft and noise.

His bed is his private sanctuary where he can rest and sleep peacefully.

A kitchen is a good place for your poodle bed as should he have an accident the floor is washable.

Rather than rake in vet bills, which can be expensive for solving your poodle’s health problems, you may wish to consider purchasing a health manual written by a vet covering safe, natural, and effective ways of solving your dog’s problems.

It certainly is useful to have a health manual available.

These type of books cover every common problem and provides practical, straightforward solutions to the problem.

Feeding Schedule

A feeding schedule needs to be established for your poodle.

Puppies are fed four to five times a day because they have tiny stomachs when they are small and cannot consume much food in one sitting.

As they mature poodles are fed once or twice a day.

Find out what type of food your poodle has been eating and feed him a similar type of food as you want him to eat foods that he has been familiar with eating and likes already.

As your poodle grows older, give him larger quantities at more spread out throughout the day.

The best times are morning and evening (breakfast and dinner for us humans).

Good dog care says that grown dogs should eat commercially prepared food which contains all the protein, carbohydrates, oils, vitamins, and minerals in a balanced form.

Always have a bowl of water in a separate dish.

Proper Poodle care mandates certain dietary requirements.

First do not feed your poodle chocolate, cake, or other people’s food.

Secondly, do not start giving him leftovers such as pieces of chicken, gravy, etc.

As he will start to gain excessive weight.

Poodle care is required daily. Poodles, just like other dogs, need an owner who is attentive to them as they are dogs who crave human contact.

Poodles need lots of love and attention.

They will be loving and affectionate towards their owners.

If you take care of your poodle, he in turn will show you much love and appreciation. In the end, both you and your pet poodle will win because you will bond with each other.

Daily Activity

Poodle care also requires that you groom your dog daily.

They need their hair brushed daily otherwise their hair will mat.

In return for the brushing, your pet poodle will look like a beautiful little prince.

He will be pleased to strut around the place looking so beautiful, trim, and proper – an enjoyable experience to observe.

When your poodle is fully grown he will need to get his hair trimmed regularly at a poodle salon.

This is another important part of the proper Poodle care that you need to be aware of.

Proper poodle care also mandates that you check your poodle’s toenails on a regular basis.

If you let them get too long they will have to be clipped at a dog salon. If you don’t he can tear up your furniture and floors and it can even cause him to have trouble walking.

I remember once we let our miniature’s nails grow too long and then he had to put in the vet overnight to trim and bandage his nails.

They had gotten so long they were breaking off into the quick. How long did that take – a little over three weeks without trimming is all!

Poodle Playing

A poodle needs some toys with which to play.

Toys are an important part of a poodle’s care and well being and it is interesting to see him play with his toys.

Your poodle can become grossly involved with his toys.

Poodles are not little weeds that can be left unattended.

Your poodle care includes giving him company that poodles need very much. Poodles are fast learners and love to please their masters.

The masters must take time to play with their poodles as poodles need to interact. Many masters have taught their poodles a few tricks which the poodles happily perform for them and their guests.


Check out vets and find a vet that you will be comfortable with.

A poodle puppy should not start his vaccination shots until he is at least six weeks.

Keep a record of your poodle’s shots and keep him up to date with getting his shots otherwise, your poodle will be exposed to health risks without the shots.

Good poodle care, just like good dog care, says you should get regular checkups at the vet. Ask the vet if your poodle needs any supplements.

Poodle owners absolutely love their pets. They may even talk of the almost human intelligence of their poodles.

They love to give good poodle care to their poodles – who in turn give them much love and affection.

Buy your poodle a toy to chew on. He instinctively wants to chew on something. Don’t give him a bone as it can break and pieces can lodge in his throat.

Don’t give him something like rubber or plastic that can be broken off and swallowed which can lead to blockage and surgery.

There are good chew products on the market for your poodle. Don’t give your poodle an old shoe to chew on as it can break off in pieces and he could swallow parts of the rubber sole.

If you live in a place that requires dog licenses, get the yearly license renewed promptly. Poodles are very curious by nature.

Do not allow your poodle to wander off into the unknown places outdoors. Keep him on a leash.

You do not want to have your beautiful poodle run over by a car, eat a toxic product, or be picked up by a dog snatcher.

Make it a habit of checking his coat for parasites, ticks, and other foreign objects.

Exercise your Poodle

You need to exercise your poodle.

The standard poodle needs the most exercise some of which needs to be stimulating exercises.

The miniature poodle needs somewhat less daily exercise.

The toy poodle gets enough exercise running around the house all day long but he needs his daily walk.

Check your poodle’s eyes and ears regularly. Clean your poodle’s outer ear canal monthly.

Poodle’s Teeth

Check your poodle’s teeth. If you notice some tartar is forming, have your vet give your poodle care by cleaning his teeth.

It is important that your poodle be given some kibbles to chew on which when chewed cleans the teeth.

Also, make sure your poodle has a good quality bone to chew on which cleans his teeth.

Rides in a Car

While still a puppy, take your poodle for short rides in a car.

He should be put in the back seat and have a washable blanket to sit on just in case he has an accident.

Gradually extend the length of your trips.

Poodles like to go with their masters on car rides. Don’t have a drafty window open as he can get sick from the draft. Before long your poodle can accompany you almost anywhere.

Alone for Long Periods

Don’t leave your poodle alone for long periods at a time.

Young poodles particularly become bored when left alone for long stretches of time. Poodles like to socialize.

They like to be included in family activities.

Make it a point to disinfect your poodle’s bed from time to time.

There is always the possibility of mites, fleas, parasites, and lice.

Don’t take chances. Poodles like to be kept in clean surroundings.

Get a collar that allows a wide lead so that if your poodle wants to romp and play he is not restricted.

Don’t over-exercise your poodle as overdoing exercise is not healthy.

Get out and play with your poodle.

Remember poodles were originally bred as retrievers.

Poodle care should include playing catch with a soft toy or ball thrown in the air.


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