Poodle Breeders: Everything best you need to Know


Poodle Breeders

Because poodles are popular dogs, there are a number of breeders to choose from. It is important that you do your homework and choose a poodle from a reliable one.

It is important that you find a breeder who sells poodles with good bloodlines.

After you decide what type of poodle you wish to own, you can then focus on finding the right poodle puppy for your home.

You can choose from standard, miniature, and toy poodles.

Although the poodle puppies you see in the window of a pet store are most adorable, playful, and frisky, before rushing in and buying one of them, you have to be cautious.

You need to know their history of selling pets.

If the pet store cannot provide you with the name of the breeder and answer questions such as whether are they sure the puppy does not have congenital defects then you should continue looking.

Did the pet store obtain the puppy from a puppy mill?

What is the history of the puppy?

Can they arrange for you to see the poodle’s mother and father?

Will they give you a guarantee if in a few months you discover the poodle puppy has congenital or behavioral problems, can you have it replaced for another puppy?

Check around and you will find a suitable breeder in your area.

Keep in mind that good ones often do not advertise.

Their puppies are spoken for in advance. Individuals wanting a poodle puppy will request a puppy before it is born.

Check out in Internet about Poodle Breeders

There are honorable breeders who sell their poodles through the Internet.

They give guarantees and provide a great deal of information as well as references for people who bought poodles from them.

Even if you don’t buy a poodle from them you will obtain a lot of very good free information that will be useful to you.

If you see an ad for adorable poodle puppies, do not purchase the puppy without first checking out the breeder.

There are some unreliable ones who are only interested in making a fast dollar.

They are not concerned that the puppy may have congenital defects that have been passed on.

They are not concerned that the puppy may have behavioral problems that have been passed on.

Obviously, only dogs that do not have congenital defects and have a good temperament should be bred.

If you want a good purebred poodle puppy you will most likely not be able to purchase him at a bargain basement price.

Purebred puppies are not cheap to purchase.

Be prepared to pay a premium price for a puppy.

Poodle puppies around their mother are a beautiful sight to behold.

They are so loveable and adorable that you may want to buy them at the spur of the moment.

You have a duty to first do your homework to see if the puppy is a suitable purchase.

A good breeder is fair and reasonable in his dealings with his customers.

Before buying a puppy ask him if should there be a problem with the puppy and if you can get your money back or, in the alternative, get a replacement puppy.

You need a guarantee from him.

If you should buy a puppy that has a defect such as a somewhat deformed shaped ear and you are not going to show or breed your poodle, you may decide to keep the puppy and ask for a reduction of the fee.

A good breeder will agree to a reduced price for the beautiful puppy with a usually shaped ear defect.

I know of one situation where a puppy was purchased and a few weeks after the purchase the new owners discovered that one of the puppy’s ears was abnormally shaped.

The dog was not going to be used for breeding or for showing so they negotiated a lower price for him.

In the few weeks that they had him, they had fallen in love with him and greatly enjoyed him as a pet.

Poodle Breeders Interviews

Don’t be surprised if the breeder interviews you before even considering selling you any of his puppies.

He will want to make sure that the puppies he sells go to good homes.

He is primarily interested that the new owners will take good care of the poodle and will spend time with him as poodles need human interaction.

The new owners should agree to play with the poodle and keep him company for which they will be rewarded with much love and appreciation from their new poodle puppy.

You will want to see the parents of the puppy you are going to purchase – at least see the puppy’s mother.

The puppy’s ancestry is important.

You want to see that the puppy’s mother is obviously a well-trained dog who has a good disposition.

You want to see the environment that your puppy has come from. The kennel should be clean, comfortable, and spacious.

A good breeder will not let you take your puppy home until he is at least eight weeks old.

A puppy younger than eight weeks is too young to be taken from his mother and siblings.

Poodle Breeders List of Questions

Before seeing the puppy prepare a list of questions beforehand.

Ask if the breeder has some references available of individuals who purchased puppies from him.

Ask if you can obtain the telephone numbers of a few purchasers so that you can talk to them.

Ask if they breed any other dogs or do they specialize in poodles. If they breed other breeds they may be primarily interested in the money side of the business.

Ask how they care for the mother dog and the puppies throughout the day. The dogs should not be left entirely on their own.

Because of the high demand for puppies from good poodle breeders be prepared to wait your turn. You will most likely be put on a waiting list and you will be called when puppies are available.

Before making the purchase check to see if the puppies have been tested for problems related to the poodle breed.

Also, as a condition of purchase, you have the right if the puppy you purchased, later on, turns out to have a problem, that you be given the opportunity to obtain a replacement puppy.

Be watchful of a breeder who tries to pressure you to make an instant purchase. Is he primarily interested in making a sale? What is the big rush?

If he is a good, established operator he should have a waiting list of individuals who are anxious to purchase his puppies – there is no need to put undue pressure on a first-time purchaser.

A good breeder will not try to sell you more than one puppy if you are a first-time buyer.

He may make the excuse that he is discounting the price a little and that the puppies will be good company for each other.

However, in reality, he only wants to make a larger sale.

Be firm and tell him that you only want one puppy for your first purchase, that you plan to spend time playing with him, and time keeping him company so you will be his companion.

You want to start off purchasing only one puppy as both you and the puppy will be learning from each other.


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