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Additional dog resources for poodles.

I will be including additional dog resources for poodles and other dogs on this page.

These resources will cover other areas of interest to all dog owners who want to learn more about how to help their poodles and become better dog owners.

I will be including additional dog resources on this page for:

  1. Dog and Poodles training
  2. Other dog-related sites
  3. Sites about other dog breeds
  4. Additional sites about poodles
  5. Nutrition and Health Related Sites and
  6. Additional books and magazine sites

If you would like more information or you would like to link to us please send me an email by clicking on the “email button” at the bottom of the page.

Dog and Poodles Training Resources

As I find good dog resources about dog trainers and/or other training resources I will post them here.

These resources will include links for you to the BEST books and magazines I have found as well as real live trainers.

I may include books on dog care, poodle training, and other related subjects.

I will also be listing any good magazines that I may find that I think may be of interest.

As always if I recommend a dog resource product or service, I will try to arrange the best pricing for you too!

How To Potty Train your Dog – in 7 days are less.

This book has been completely rewritten, and updated, and is the #1 Best Seller book on dog house training.

It is the highest-rated and best-selling book on this subject I have run across.

Think you may have the ability AND the temperament to obedience train your own dog?

Then let me recommend the number one book that dog owners have used for the last couple of years. The book is called Sit, Stay, Fetch

Here I will include other dog resource sites that may be of interest to our readers.

The reviewed sites will cover places where you can get clothing, toys, jewelry, and other items for your poodles.

I will only include sites that have shown they have good selections, very low pricing, and great service.

Another very good place to buy all of your poodle’s clothing, jewelry, toys, dog beds, etc. is where we shop. Pet Care Central has the best selections and pricing we have found.

I highly recommend them to all poodle owners and as an excellent dog resource location.

If you want to really treat your dog and poodles properly try the Natural Pet Store.

They carry environmentally safe dog resources for your poodles, and other breeds, at deeply discounted prices!

Dogs ‘N’ U All about you and your dog! Find the best dog resources here, read about dog care, popular dog breeds, puppies, dog names, and more.

Other Dog Breeds Sites

For our readers that are looking to learn more about other dog breeds, we will be listing those sites here.

These sites will cover dog resources and dog breeds that are NOT poodle related.

Schnauzer dogs rule. This site is dedicated to “Man’s Best Friend” the dog, and particularly the miniature schnauzer.

Dog Breeds and Gifts. A website about dog breeds, dog gifts, naming your dog, and more …

Other Poodles Sites

As I run across other quality sites about poodles I will be posting them here. These will include breeders as well as personal sites.

Poodle Indulgences Sweet indulgences and fine couture for the pampered teacup and toy. Swarovski-studded collars, New Zealand sheepskin rugs, and everything else the doted-on pup requires.

Standard Poodles USA Everything you need and want to know about standard Poodles!

As I find dog resources covering tips from, and/or about, health-related issues I will post them here.

I will also be posting any discount locations where you can buy your pet’s medications, etc.

Puppy’s Place. Help your puppy fit into your lifestyle and create an exceptional environment for both you and your puppy.

Find information on how to feed and care for him and what to expect in the first year. Find information on everything from normal surgical procedures to proper toys and the fastest ways to housebreak.


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