Dog Obedience Training: Everything best you need to Know


An overview of dog obedience training

Proper dog obedience training can prevent you from having one of “those” dogs.

You know the type that we have all encountered at some point.

Those Ill-mannered dogs that most people love to hate!

We’ve even seen their owners yelling at them, jerking at their leashes to try and make them behave.

What is so sad-d-d-d is that we can’t blame the poor dog for their on owner’s lack of responsibility.

This type of behavior could have been avoided with the proper dog obedience training.

Obedience training is a platform for the dog and the owner to learn how to effectively communicate with one another.

Can you conduct obedience training on your own and without any help?

Many experts in the dog training field have long debated this question.

One school of thought is that it would be better if a professional did ALL the training, while others feel the owner can do the training if they feel competent enough.

The real truth is that it takes a combination of a good trainer and a willing owner to be the most effective at dog obedience training.

Look around your area and find an obedience school.

More likely than not you will be told that they recommend a series of lessons that will include both the dog AND you, the owner.

Sometimes the classes can be arranged where a trainer comes to your home.

Some trainers feel that training where the surroundings are familiar, to the dog, is very helpful. Other trainers prefer their own location.

However, whether the dog obedience training is done at home by a professional trainer, or in an obedience school, there are things that must be considered when incorporating this kind of training.

Here is a list of the things that should be taken into account and considered.


Obedience training does not necessarily mean strict rules are to be imposed.

This is because the dog is not aware of the reasons why he should be trained.

Therefore, for him to respond to the commands, the training must be done in such a way that the dog sees the activity as something that is fun.

The dog should be praised when he exhibits proper behavior.

Some trainers also recommend treats but others will not.

These are some of the things that should be discussed with your trainer.


During the course of obedience training, it is critical to have consistency in the training.

For example, you let your dog sit on the rug the other day but today when the dog tried to sit on the rug, he was scolded.

Things like this should not be taken for granted. It is extremely important to teach the dog what he should and should not do and stick to it – ALWAYS!

Confusion will only make the matters worse. It can actually extend the time for your dog obedience training by 2 – 5 times.

Dog obedience training instructor, or trainer

If you choose to enroll your dog in a dog obedience training class it is important to analyze the trainer before you leave your dog.

The character and personality of the trainer are extremely important.

The dog trainer should be professional enough to know how to handle the dog’s behavior and how to train them properly.

Again, this is a reason why you might want to find a dog trainer that works with both you AND your dog.


It is best not to try new and unfamiliar dog obedience training schools.

This could be really risky for both you and especially for your dog.

It would be better if you ask for some referrals from local veterinarians, dog breeders, or other people who you trust to give you their honest opinions.


Not all obedience training schools are created equal.

They vary greatly depending on the kind of services that may be offered by them.

It is best to consider the fees and what services they offer at those quoted rates. This is one area where you don’t want to scrimp so the cheapest is seldom the best.

Also, make certain you are dealing with a dog trainer that will work with both you AND your dog.

Methods used in the training

It is highly recommended that you ask about the methods being used in the training.

Make sure the terms are spelled out very clearly. If in ANY doubt ask questions and I highly recommend you shop for the best training you can find for the money.

My best recommendation is to NOT make a decision quickly. If you don’t feel that you are comfortable with one individual then keep looking.

There are some dogs that just seem to follow directions with little or no effort with never a session of professional training.

Unfortunately, these examples are few and far between.

Invest in dog obedience training and you can look at a long and healthy relationship with a loving companion.

With obedience training, your dog will surely be on their way to a happier and more enjoyable stay with its masters and the people around them.

Think you may have the ability AND the temperament to obedience train your own dog?

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