Buying a Poodle: Everything best you need to know


Buying a Poodle

When buying a poodle – do you want to get a puppy or a mature poodle?

If you want a puppy you need to check out a few things before purchasing it.

When you are looking and you see your first little poodles it is easy to fall in love with every one of them.

At first, they all seem alike but after some observation, you will begin to see some differences emerging.

When buying a poodle don’t be in a big rush to get your new poodle puppy.

Take your time and check out all the poodles available. You want a puppy that is peppy, and good-natured.

He should be attentive and want to be with you. After all, you are going to be pals for quite a long time.

A happy, lively puppy is what you are looking for.


Ask if any of the poodles have defects. If it is a pure breed ask for the AKC papers and the bloodlines documentation along with health information about the mother and the father.

Go ahead and play with the poodle.

Is he inquisitive? Is he alert and full of energy? Does he appear to have a pleasant disposition even at a very young age?

You should only be buying a poodle from a good breeder that has a good reputation.

  1. Check out each breeder to see that his poodles are good, healthy puppies.
  2. Check his references with others that have been buying a poodle from them in the past.
  3. Be extremely cautious about buying a poodle from a pet store.
  4. My best advice here does NOT to buy from a pet store! But if you must then check out the store to make sure it is not selling poodles from puppy mills.

Be sure and ask the following questions and good straight answers, preferably in writing:

  1. Will the store allows you to make arrangements to see the poodle’s mother and father – or at the very least the mother?
  2. Will they give you a guarantee should your poodle develop problems?
  3. Could you get your money back or a replacement poodle?
  4. Will the pet store arrange for references that you can call?

Absolutely do NOT get a puppy from a puppy mill as the operators are interested in ONLY making a sale – at any cost whatsoever!

If you are not looking for a puppy consider the local Humane Society.

There are a number of reasons why individuals bring their poodles to the Humane Society. It may be that they have suffered a physical disability and can no longer care for their beloved poodle and want it to have a good home.

In other instances, the owner may have died and family members have placed the poodle with the Human Society hoping someone will come around and give the poodle a good home.

Still, other times the owner has moved to a different home, apartment, or retirement community where dogs may not be allowed.

Adult poodles are, probably, already house trained so that would save you a fair amount of work.

They are quick at becoming fast companions.

They may even know how to do a few tricks that they can perform from time to time. Without a doubt, they will soon work their way into your heart and you and your newfound friend will become true friends in short order.

When buying a poodle decide beforehand, if you can, what color poodle you prefer or want.

Because you can choose from a number of colors and can even get a two-color poodle – you have a lot of choices.

Decide whether you want to get a male or female poodle. Both males and females make excellent pets.

But unless you are considering breeding your poodle you should have them sterilized as soon as the vet says they are old enough.

When buying a poodle there are three main types, and sizes, of poodles – standard, miniature and toy to be considered.

I have a detailed description, and write up, on each of them on the following pages:

Standard Poodle

Miniature Poodle

Tiny Toy, or Teacup, Poodle

Unless you are intending to show your poodle, you probably shouldn’t be considering buying a poodle that is purebred. The main thing is you just want a healthy, happy, active poodle.

When buying a poodle you should wait until your poodle is at least eight weeks old before you bring him home.

This allows plenty of time for them to be “weened” from their mothers and, if they have any major defects, they may start to show up by then.

You will also want your Vet to check them out and give them their first shots before you bring them home if the breeder has not already done so.

Many seniors are lonely and would gladly welcome some poodle company if they only realized how much a wonderful poodle could enrich their lives.

In some cases, the senior has lost a life partner through death or a marriage break-up. These individuals can feel very, very much alone.

By buying a poodle and bringing it into their home the poodle will immediately help to create a warm, loving environment for them and help to fill the void of the lost partner.

Before getting a poodle the senior should check out what size of poodle would be the most appropriate for their situation.

In most cases, the toy poodle is the most suitable as it fits in nicely with any size home or living environment.

Toy poodles need much less food and space than the standard poodle. Since a number of seniors live in smaller quarters a toy poodle would not feel it would be cramping the senior’s lifestyle.

The toy poodle gets all the exercise it needs running around the apartment or house all day long.

The toy does not need to be taken to a park for additional exercise. Of course, the toy poodle would love to be taken for a daily walk but if the senior is not well and can’t take the toy out for a walk that is okay.

The miniature and standard poodle need to be exercised very regularly and therefore need a lot more care. The toy poodle needs the least amount of care.

The poodle will make life so much more enjoyable for the senior.

He will be there every day to give the senior much love and companionship. It won’t be long before the senior and the poodle will form a very tight bond.

The poodle is easy to train and it would not be long before the poodle easily follows the senior’s instructions. Of course, the senior can reward the poodle for doing the right thing with kibble, or treat!

When buying a poodle a major consideration, for many people, is their own allergy problems. Because poodles do not shed they are easy to care for as they do not leave hair all over the place.

Poodles are good for seniors who have allergies, as well as children and other adults because they do not shed and have the least amount of dog “dander”. They are one of the few breeds of dogs that can claim this distinction.

The senior needs to choose a poodle that is active, healthy, and energetic.

The poodle having a sunny disposition will soon create a cheerful, happy environment for the senior.

Just to watch the poodle walk around so gracefully and in high spirits is a joy to observe.

Soon the poodle will want to play with his toys and it is great fun to get involved such as throwing a softball for the poodle to catch. Many poodles love catching balls.

The senior and the poodle can watch a favorite television show together on the sofa. Or they can enjoy other activities together and be of a great company to each other.

The poodle needs to be brushed daily which is not a difficult or strenuous activity. After his daily brushing, the poodle can show off his smart appearance.

The seniors can take their beloved poodle with them when visiting friends. Poodles love to be included in house visits and to be part of all the activities.

So by following these simple tips, when buying a poodle, you AND your new poodle will be happier. These same simple tips can also be applied when looking to buy ANY dog OR even a — cat?


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